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Too much slow playing

Slow playing is when a player has a great hand but pretends it is weak. So it’s the opposite of a bluff, and the player either checks or limps in to try and trap an opponent. If an opponent falls for this ruse and bets big, the player who slow played can then raise over the top.

The problem however with slow playing too much is that you won’t always be able to add value to the pot and get your opponent to fall for it and bet high. So if your opponent decides to check and doesn’t bet, then you are losing value to the pot.

You also allow the other players a chance to hit something really good on the turn or river, which is a very dangerous thing to do. If you slow play a top pair of Kings for example all the way to the river and someone else happens to hit a pair of Aces, then you’ve just lost the pot. However, in this situation you could have bet early and forced them out of the hand.