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Too Much Bluffing

We’ve all seen the movies when the hero bluffs his way to a huge win against the bad guy, but unfortunately this is more fantasy than reality. Yes, it’s true that bluffing is a part of the game and can be done successfully, however it’s surprisingly not a common play in poker and professionals all over the world very rarely attempt a bluff.

In order for a bluff to work it depends on several factors – your opponents, pot size, bet size, community cards, and timing. If you miscalculate just one of these factors then your bluff isn’t going to work, and more often than not will see you losing a lot of chips.

Bluffing just isn’t as common as what everyone thinks, and the pros take advantage of this misconception every single day and catch out amateurs constantly. So the next time you are thinking of bluffing, then think very carefully. Make sure you only do it when the time is right, and do not over-play a bluff.