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Why aggressive poker is winning poker

Those who play Texas hold ‘em or similar variants of poker know that there are only two ways of winning the pot. The most straightforward one is to be dealt strong a hand which remains the best all the way to the river and win at showdown courtesy of better cards. The other way of taking down the pot is by bluffing and causing your opponent to lay down his hand, therefore giving you the pot uncontested.

Over the Internet and in brick-and-mortar casinos, the vast majority of hands are born as a result of players holding the better cards. What many beginners fail to understand is that the intrinsic strength of the hands is not what wins the pot, but the proper presentation of such hands. Essentially, players who are lucky enough to be dealt premium cards need to protect them aggressively and take advantage of position and stable image to limit the number of opponents.

Sometimes they win the hand right away on other occasions the action moves to flop, turn and even river with the opponents folding on one of these streets. Theoretically, it doesn’t even matter if the player has the type of cards he is representing or not, because the most important thing is to project the right image. If the opponent is intimidated by your display of strength, you get the fold equity that can win you the pot without revealing your cards.

Aggressive poker allows players who have speculative hands stay in a game and get to see free or less expensive cards. The best case scenario is to frighten your opponents, but even if a bet or raise buys you a free card on the next street, you can be proud of your achievement. The same style of poker commonly referred to as loose aggressive, has the merit of boosting the size of the pots and giving you more action.

Those who have perfected this poker style will suffer minor yet frequent loses, but when they do, they win big and completely offset the damage done. Tight aggressive poker on the other hand is a more straightforward version, which still relies heavily on mathematics. In this particular case, you play your hand more than you play your opponent or position, by betting amounts that are supposed to have a deterring effect on limpers.

The use of mathematics is self-evident, because players need to calculate the right amount to wager and the situation changes from hand to hand and even street to street. Based on your cards, position, the nature of the board and your table image, you might need to bet more or less, while making sure that you don’t get pot committed with a mediocre hand.