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Top celebrity Poker players

Everyone loves poker. In the luxurious sport known as poker, anyone can enjoy a constructive game. Some of us toddle down to the local casinos to play a game or two. But at times we may find some popular faces too throwing in a little bit of fame and money. Movie stars, directors, athletes and comedians, all can be seen trying their luck. Below is the list of top celebrities addicted to the thrill of poker tables.

Shannon Elizabeth. The former model and current actress not only has good looks but also possess a great poker skill. She is known to be one of the leading celebrity poker players and is frequent in Las Vegas poker circuit. She has cashed four times in the World Series of Poker.
Sam Simon. The creator of ‘The Simpsons’, one of the longest running shows on TV. He is an active poker player and has cashed six times in the World Series of Poker. He is also a heavyweight boxing manager.

Matt Damon. The “Rounder’s’ hero which is one of the best movies about poker has inspired a lot of people to become a professional poker player. He spent a lot of time on the table for the movie and had developed a taste for the game since then and has done quite well for himself in 2008 and 2010.

Ben Affleck. Tutored by professional poker players, Ben has done quite well for himself in his hobby of playing poker other than in film industry. He has about $500,000 in face-to-face tournament cashes and is known to participate in high stakes games.

Poker is a game that attracts attentions of all kinds of people. But one need not have to be rich to play poker. Many other sites offer games like online bingo where one can win big time. Over the years the number of celebrities playing poker has increased as the shining and glittering tables of poker keep attracting everyone.