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How to bluff in Poker

Bluffing in a risky tactic and can be very helpful in situations when the stakes are very high. It is not something that tends to work out every time but it surely can help take down a big pot at poker night. Bluffing is to simply put an act of deception which is meant to make one’s weak hand look stronger than it is with the intent of getting the opponent to fold. Some suggestions for bluffing at poker are as follows:

  1. Understanding the stakes. Have limits and understanding about the stakes. Bluff only when needed and when the stakes are high.

  2. Keep the number of people as less as possible.One should always bluff a maximum of two players at a time to be successful at poker bluffing.

  3. Limiting the number of bluffs. Although bluffing is a good strategy it takes time to develop this art. Most people think that the secret to winning in poker is only to bluff which is not true. Thus bluffs should be limited and should only be used in situations when one is sure that the opponent will be forced to fold.

  4. Watch the body language of other players. Look for eye twitches, lip movements, scratching, flaring nostrils, holding of breath and hand movements. Covering parts of the face differently than usual also indicates bluffing. Shaking is considered to be a sign of strength. When the opponent acts really strong they are likely to be bluffing.


Poker bluffing is a complete art as the player needs to consider a lot of factors. Although poker offers a huge amount one can always look for other options where bluffing is not required like playing free online bingo where one gets free joining bonus, Bluffing is an art. If a player is never caught it means either he never bluffs or he is very good at bluffing.