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Forgetting the other players' cards

Time and time again we see players focusing on their own cards and forgetting what the other players may hold. Even though you can’t see the other player’s hole cards you can still see the flop, turn and river. With this knowledge you should be able to work out all the possible hands, and not just your own.

A good example of this is when a player has a pair of Kings before the flop, and still has a pair after the flop. However, an Ace appears on the table and they forget the possibility that someone else may now be beating them. They then focus throughout the whole hand on these pair of Kings and continue to bet assuming either no one is beating them, or another King will come out on the table.

Another common mistake is assuming your top pair is the winning hand, but fail to spot the 3 hearts that are on the table after the flop. If someone is betting big at this stage it could mean they’ve either hit the flush already, or are just one more heart away.

So missing possible straight or flush draws will very often see you losing a lot of chips, and it’s important to take your time and attempt to figure out all of the possible hands which could be made, and give yourself the opportunity to fold and save a lot of chips if this is the right thing to do.