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Card Game of America

Poker may once have been regarded as the national card-game of America, but these days it would seem that poker has emigrated to a home further north. Canada is seeing a constant stream of poker growth, and the anonymous new owner of the site believes that Canadians are the future for poker, both online and offline.

Why? Because Canada appears to be one of the few countries that are listening to the gambling community and working to make products and services they want, rather than trying to dictate what they need to them. Canadian websites are consulting the experts, the players themselves, in order to give them the best online experience possible; and is no exception. Recently bought for a staggering $400,000, the new owner is a professional poker player, but wishes to keep his identity hidden for the time being. He has gone on record to say that he plans to re-invigorate the site, setting a standard for others in the business to follow. Being a successful player himself, he will no doubt be using his lucrative connections within the poker world to their fullest advantage.

New features in the re-designed site include constantly updated news services, statistics, insider info, hot deals and opportunities for poker fans the world over. The anonymous owner also said that the Canadian people love to stay well-informed, especially for a topic which is close to their hearts. It would seem, then, that there is no-one more qualified to front the poker revolution.